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Summer Camp – Fun Unlimited

Summer comes and those sweet kids await eagerly to go to a summer camp! Campers have a gala time hiking, canoing, and dancing around the campfire. According to the American Camp Association (ACA), over 10 million kids attend summer camps every year. A summer camp can be trip full of adventure and fun. However, as parents, we should ensure that our kids attend the right summer camps, and that their health is not compromised.

While most kids get excited at the sheer mention of the words ‘summer camp’, some others get goose bumps due to home sickness. How can we prepare our kids to stay away from home in such a situation? Camps are of various types- music, arts, sports, computers and nature. Different children have different interests. While a particular child would show interest in going to a sports camp, another might opt for a computers camp.

The idea is to get to know your child better. Understanding his interests would help you select the right type of camp. Budget, without doubt, is an important factor. There are four factors that you must consider before selecting a camp during summer vacations- Nature of camp, track record of the company organizing the camp, safety, and budget.

Where to find details about a summer camp? Schools and community centers display information about summer camps every summer. Friends and relatives can also share their knowledge. If still you do not manage to find relevant information, the Internet would surely come to your rescue.

As mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, a summer camp should be interesting for your child. However, camp organizers can borrow elements from various camp-types and organize a camp that can provide children with the best of both worlds- fun and education. For example, an English language teacher can accompany children on a Nature camp. This way, children would be able to explore the secrets of Mother Nature, and learn English in a wild atmosphere! The best thing about such a camp is that English learning would take an entirely new face for children.

Open Houses are one of the best features of camps. Parents can take their kids to a camp and look at pictures of previous years. This is a wonderful way to analyze the progress of a summer camp. Sports gear, for example, should be upgraded. Safety features should be updated.

One simple question can help parents decide whether a camp is worth or not- What would this camp offer to my child to develop confidence, independence and creativity, while having loads of fun in a safe environment?

We should not give it a second thought before cross checking the reputation of a camp organizer. Make sure you go through the terms & conditions of the camp. Talk to other parents and extract maximum information about the camp.

Children are prone to infections. Change of weather can easily make your child sick. Therefore, a good summer camp should have a sound medical facility. Summer is going to arrive in a few months. Start collecting information about various camps, and do not forget to prepare your child for it. I mean, mentally!

Awesome Rock and Roll Summer Music Camps – Must Know Tips to Choose the Best

If you are thinking about a summer music camp for your child, then you must consider a rock and roll summer camp. Why? Rock and roll summer camps are filled with awesome fun and simply great musical experiences. To choose the best, you will need these must know tips.

Sing or Play

Rock and roll camps include trained and untrained musicians. If you can sing, play the guitar, bass, keyboard or drums, you can attend. This is usually the case regardless of whether or not you can read music. So for lots of campers, this is really good news. Some camps, such as Pali Adventures, help campers to write, record, and produce their own song mentored by professional musicians. This camp offers one or two week courses. Each week has a different level of work with instruments, voice training, and the basics of producing a hit song CD.

Build Self-Esteem

Some camps, like Rock and Roll Camp For Girls, focus on a particular age range and aim to help campers build self-esteem through learning, playing, and performing rock music. This camp is just for girls and young women ages 8 to 18. It aims to develop leadership skills. As a non-profit organization, the camp does have loaner instruments available for campers who need them, and shares equipment too.

Play With Real Rock Stars

If the idea of playing in a real band, on a real stage, with real rock stars appeals to you, then you might check out Camp Jam. This program offers instruction based on solid curriculum created by famous rock artists. The summer camp is held in multiple cities throughout the country, and features several different age levels for after school, day and overnight camps. A few interesting aspects of this camp experience is that campers can participate in an unplugged session, using only acoustic instruments. Campers can play in jam sessions, and learn about the ins and outs of audio production, and gear tech duties. Undoubtedly, this program offers one of the most awesome combinations of professional musicians, curriculum, and interactive experiences, and has a proven and published track record as being one of the best of the best.

Stay in the Great Outdoors

If the city is not your idea of summer camp, and you really want your child to spend time at an amazingly beautiful location, then Rock and Roll Camp at French Woods is a destination that you should review. The camp offers all the best of what summer has to offer campers, including water sports, and all sorts of learning adventures. This is a traditional setting for camp that may be one of the most enticing locations.

Wherever your child’s rock and roll summer may be, you should look over the staff, the accommodations, the curriculum, the price, and once you have some favorites in mind, ask serious questions about medical care. For overnight campers, this is a high priority item. Look over these camps, and many others online before you decide. Some camps offer nearby lodgings for parents to stay nearby if a family vacation is in order. Other than that, rock on.

Back to School Tips for Student Musicians

Getting ready for the annual Back to School is a mixed blessing. As the Summer Vacation wears on, students become bored. They miss their friends, and secretly they miss the routine that the school year imposes.

The student musician needs a more regimented approach to returning to school than many students. Like student athletes, musicians are expected to hit the ground running. They had achieved a certain skill level before school ended, and the orchestra, band, or chorus teacher usually hopes that the students will have continued their practicing through the Summer so that there has been no deterioration in their performance. Ideally the students will have even progressed due to practice or participation in Camps at which they can interact with other student musicians and teachers.

Sadly, not every student musician has the means, the time, or the desire to work on their musical skills through the Summer.

Brush up on the grammar of music. Spend ten or fifteen minutes per day for the last three or four weeks before school resumes studying key signatures, musical terms, and basic theory. Just having the vocabulary immediately available makes the first month of school so much easier for student and teacher alike.

Check your instrument for required maintenance three or four weeks before school starts. Does your violin need new strings, your cello need a new bridge, or your clarinet need new reeds? Check your supplies. Rosin, peg compound, lubricant and the like are all required. If you don’t have them available, now is the time to order what you need. And if you find that something has occurred which requires professional attention, late July and early August would be the right time to take the instrument in for repairs rather than losing it for the first two weeks of the semester.

Look at your sheet music. Do you have the lesson books that you teacher will want you to have when school begins? If the teacher didn’t tell you what your next book would be at the end of the year, check to see if there is something listed on your school’s website. You might even be able to e-mail your teacher to ask for suggested materials. Most teachers continue to check their e-mail throughout the Summer.

The last few weeks of Summer is the time to start developing the physical strength, stamina, quickness and flexibility you will need to play your best. Finger exercises, whether on your instruments, using some sort of exercise device, or playing your instrument are invaluable. String players frequently complain about sore fingertips when they begin playing after a long lay-off. Now is the time to start developing those calluses and prevent the soreness you’ve had the first weeks of prior semesters.

Finally, start practicing early. Practicing thirty minutes or an hour a day for the month before school starts can dramatically improve your performance. Trying to impress your teacher? Play your instrument! Trying to move up a stand in your section? Etudes, scales, and arpeggios will help you do that! Just wanting to feel good about your playing? The dexterity, skill, and confidence that little bit of time you put in toward the close of Summer will develop will be invaluable as the leaves start to show their Fall colors.

Read about music. Maintain your instrument. Acquire the supplies you need. Spend some time with your instrument. Do these things and the harmony between you and your instrument as school begins will be something wonderful to hear!